Cricket Lovers All Over the World, Enjoy Your Hobby to the Full with Cricinfo!

Cricinfo is the best website when it comes to cricket related information. It is the most complete, the most complex and the best organized, addressing all the aspects of cricket, from game playing rules to expressions and terms that are known only to the players and the fans of this sport.

And it’s not just about the present. Cric info records have been kept ever since 1877, the same year when the first match of cricket was played between Great Britain and Australia.

cricinfoAll the cric info someone may need can be found here. The idea to keep records about cricket, was first brought about by an English cricketer, named John Wisden. Thanks to him and to others who embraced his idea, anyone passionate about this elegant sport can obtain information of excellent quality regarding players, scores and many others, reading and searching through the multitude of articles on the website.

Why Cricinfo?

  • It is the most popular website and provides the best match reviews ever;
  • It casts live cricket matches and presents scores updates in real time;
  • It is a relatively young website, but with an already proved value that places it above all competitive websites;

The news published on this web site provide you with good and quality information about cricket, also streaming live videos about important matches and players. The comments offered are valuable, made by professionals that are well known and appreciated by the public with solid knowledge about this sport.

Those who think of themselves as cricket specialists can verify their knowledge about cricket on cricinfo, through the many interesting and challenging quizzes. They are available for free and very interesting.

Cricinfo – The Best Source of International Cricket News

cricinfoYou no longer need to search for local websites or news reports in order to find out how your favorite foreign team did. This incredible websites offers all the information you need put together in excellent order.

Here is a list of all the cricket confrontations in the whole world: Commonwealth Bank, New Zeeland – South Africa, Asia Coup, Sri Lanka versus England, West Indies versus Australia, I.C.C. World Twenty 20 Qualifiers, I.C.C. International Coup.

And to make your experience with even better, here is the map of the website, respectively each button in the menu and what it has in store.

Cricinfo – An Entire World Wrapped in a Single Web Page!

–         Home: offers relevant information about the website’s history, contact information, founders etc;

–         Series: all the cricket series played in the world presented in detail, with results updated and even score forecasts;

–         Countries: information on all the countries where cricket is a national sport, news and events organized periodically;

–         Live cricket scores: it does not matter if you don’t have the time to watch all the matches, this website section will keep you up to date on the scores and final results of all the matches organized around the world.

–         Fixtures: make your own schedule based on that of the most important cricket games organized around the world;

–         Results: real time scores and match reviews commented by professionals;

–         News: everything new and of interest in the field is brought to you in real time and from different perspectives;

–         Features: check out the best cricket magazine in online format;

–         Photos: incredible snapshots of the world’s best known players ready to score, during or after games, attending events or simply continuing with their private life;

–         Blogs: take a tour of the most popular cricket blogs;

–         Statistics: real time reports on everything that’s going on in cricket;

–         Archive: the fact that you like old stuff won’t be a problem – it’s all stored;

–         Video & audio: all the recordings you need;

–         Mobile: if you’re fond of you iPhone, you can enjoy cricket on it as well;

cricinfoOf course, bets, twitter, Facebook, poll and shopping lovers have not been left aside. It does not matter if you look for cricket information, equipment, gifts or accessories, everything can be found on Cricinfo, a world in itself, built in time, with devotion and love for cricket.

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